This is going on my ipod as soon as I get my hands on it.

Newest Mandy Moore.

I know, it’s disgusting. Geek is blogging about the same chick who used to tell us she was missing her guy, ‘like candy.’ Or… ‘crush‘ or ‘in my pocket.’ Her best? (By far- Gardenia) Who the crap am I kidding? I have a serious fetish with awful 90′s club music. Remember this gem? (Which entirely reminds me of sneaking out of college on my weekends to drive 3 hours to meet my boyfriend at a sleazy hotel, in Iowa.) -The only blessing in Iowa? No cops.

I’m not afraid to admit this- I turned this up, shut my door as not to wake my toddler and closed my eyes. This is every high-school dance, or cheerleading routine, or Skateville or first kisses. Every moment I hear this? I hear a memory of someone who’s trying to figure it all out. Ten years later? I’m still there. Sometimes we need to close our eyes for a moment.

Enjoy. :)