Me: “Sweetie, you know that we probably won’t see Breon again.”

Ava: “He moves away?”

Me: “Yup. Guam is getting a little overcrowded, huh?”

Ava: “Can I see him tomorrow?”

Me: “Flights are expensive this time of the year.”

Ava: “I’ll see him in my dreams. We’ll meet at Sen Puppydogs house. Are you sad? Am I sad?”

Me: “Perhaps.”

Ava: “NO! Babies and mommies are together, member, Mommy?”

 I keep telling myself- if you don’t think on your feet, you’ll end up knee deep in something worse. Hopefully when she gets older, if she keeps her fascination with everyone that moves away and manages to vacation in Guam- she doesn’t spend her time looking for all the people that’ve walked in and out or onto other things. For now- we’re babies and mommies, and who says a girl can’t bounce back quickly?

Overpopulation is becoming a large issue in Guam.