Tonight’s conversation while watching Sex and the City:

Me: He’s going to dump her isn’t he?”

Mindy: Yes.

Me: Good. This will be theraputic. Thank god. Will he run her over with a truck too? That’s always helpful. Wait… are they going to break up too? They’re arguing about foam on her lip. This is getting good. Think that’ll be an airplane crash?

Mindy: Better.

Me: Now they’re getting naked, Ewww.  Wait… now they’re arguing again. ….this is totally my life.

Mindy: ……

Me: “They’re totally getting a divorce. That’sacutedress.”

Mindy: “She pooped in her pants? Wait… did Charlotte just poop in her pants?”

Kate: “No way! That’s so great. This is the best movie ever. I’m going to marry this movie. It will never leave me.”

Mindy: “….”

…And that? Is why you don’t watch Sex and the City.