There is nothing, (NOTHING,) that cheers me up more than an email from someone who has never met me, and believes we are soul-mates. And what timing!

I received the following email about ten minutes ago. After I cleaned up the Diet Cherry 7-up I spit over my keyboard, (Sorry I.T,) I was fortunate enough to have the sense of mind to ctrl+C it to all of you. If you feel like turning Barry White on, I’ll give you extra points. He is my friend, AND my protector. He apparently thinks I smell divine, AND? I am freaking LEGENDARY. I think this might warrant the great quotes tag. The thing is? I googled this like crazy.. he might just have wrote this himself. (Or used something old fashioned I like to call.. a book.) In either case? Wow. It’s so pretty… I wanna frame it.

Beautiful lady,
it is easy to see, that anyone sharing the same space with you, turns out to be amongst good fortune. I can see from more than 5000 kilometers away, that you smell fresher than spring flowers. I always wondered where starts the beginning of rainbows, why the birds sing so , even why the sun likes to shine bright and now I see, its from the sparkle in your eyes and probably the sound of your laughter, and for sure if the world is anything like me, there is a pause, and you are noticed from the very moment you wake in the morning. Hey I just had to say and let you know, that your beauty is legendary. talk to you later
your friend and protector

I forwarded this to a few friends, and as we all stared in amazement, my pal Nate had probably the best response: (I’m totally posting it.)

Do ascii hearts and roses win you over? Cause I’m going about this the completely wrong way then.


In other news: (Because I’m lazy and didn’t want to repost,) Nerd Girls are all the rage. See Here:

“But when nerd girls stop looking like dorks and start looking like cheerleaders, and get more attention for both sexiness and smarts as a result, is that a post-feminist triumph? Or is it a return to the days of Mad Men, when lipstick, not ideas, was the most important thing to grace a woman’s lips?

Clearly, some things have changed. A recent Pew Internet & American Life project found that among users 12 to 17, girls dominate the blogosphere and social networking sites, and outnumber boys in creating websites of their own. Women gamers now even outnumber men ages 25-34, according to a 2006 study by the Consumer Electronics Association.” (Vanessa Richmond- The Tyee)