Im going to start goal-ling. (I know.) -Who is this person and whiatthefuiak has she done with Kate- right? … I’m doing it anyway.

This week’s goal: Quit the second job.

Complications: My emotionally needy boss, (who cries when I explain that yes- I do have to leave work early today, and yes… I will take the shift from the crazy lady who always calls in because her cat/child/stomach/house/chair is sick. Equal complications because the money- although it’s not that good? (It’s a few less half than my fulltime pay- which is very good–) it buys me stuff that I WANT. (Not stuff that I need.) I have extreme-Catholic-I-dont-wanna-break-my-promise-to-work-this-’seasonal’-part-time-job-FOREVER… guilt.

Reliefs: More time with Ava- less time at a true corporate entity that I DESPISE. This is the yang to the yin of my fulltime job. (Do I have that right?) In my ft- we stress relationships, and accomplishment- we’re like .orgs and my pt is a money-guzzling-50-year-old, but jerking off to midget porn. FRIENDS. (There is a thing called friends… in which you see people- and do things.) SLEEP. (I know nothing of this.)

Seriously- if I haven’t quit by the end of the week- it’ll be a miracle.

In other news- all is well.. I am heading to bed after Grammy Geek night with Z and some criss-cut fries.